November 07, 2011

Stockings and Lingerie shopping - a gentleman's guide

Christmas is just a few weeks away and it's time for you gentlemen to carry out some lingerie detective work! Simply abandon any visions of a pre-canned gift idea that you might be clinging to. Instead buy her a sumptuous, glamorous and unique gift from the heart - an object of desire which could be transformed in something fun for you both in the boudoir!

Here are some golden rules to help you find the perfect gift for your fabulous significant other (ladies, feel free to forward this email as many times as you like. Or print it and hide it in his pocket - wink!)

Tip1 : Women generally do like red. Men THINK women love red. To choose a colour that she will love and feel comfortable wearing, have a sneaky look at her lingerie drawer. What do you see?
Lots of black and neutral tones: Stick to the same colour for stockings and suspender belts. Black is sexy and easy to wear. Black suspenders and black stockings is a winning combination. White garter belts look beautiful with nude sheer hosiery.
Leopard prints: Yay! Your girl probably prefers the glamour of vintage or vintage inspired. Experiment with eye catching prints and bold colours. Yes, you are allowed to buy red stockings, if you really want to.

Tip2 : Buy suspender belts with metal clasps, not plastic. Cheap plastic straps will allow stockings to come loose and fall down the leg. All our suspender belt have metal clasps and are fully adjustable for a perfect fit. To find the right size check her undies - it is very likely to be the same size as her knickers.

Tip3 : Seamed stockings are sexy. And slimming. Chances are your lady will love them! Fully fashioned stockings have a seam sewn in (rather than printed), are ultra sheer and more expensive, but also more durable and a special treat.

Tip4 : Practical lingerie is generally not sexy lingerie. Ditto for stockings. Get her something that will make her feel fabulous!

Finally, don't be scared to ask the experts if you are still not sure. We are always happy to offer ideas and advice!