Getting a ladder while you are putting your new tights on can be very disappointing. We have put together some basic little steps which will help you looking after your most-loved hosiery.

Always check your hands and feet for rough skin or broken nails.
Apply some moisturizing lotion on your feet and legs (if wearing hold ups avoid applying lotion on the upper thigh or the silicone bands will not adhere to the skin!)
Never pull your tights, but gently stretch them up over your leg.

 How to wash your hosiery..?

Hosiery can be washed in washing machine, using a wash bag that protects the yarns and texture. Wash with cold water or max 30°C, using neutral detergent for delicate garments.
However if you want your hosiery longer, and in particular with stockings and hold ups, we advise to hand wash it. A few tricks to do the job quickly...
Put the stockings in a basin with enough water to cover them and wash them with mild soap or shampoo. Alternatively, you can add about a table-spoon of baking soda and let the stockings soak for about an hour. When washing hold ups, do not exceed with the use of softeners, or it will damage the silicone band.
Rinse out and place all of the wet hose inside a dry thick bath towel and roll up tightly to wring out the water. Lay them flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight and heaters.

 How to store your hosiery..?

Fold your hosiery and protect it by using its original transparent plastic envelope or by storing it all together in a silk or satin garment bag.