November 08, 2010

When was the last time you received a compliment?

A British man is attempting to cheer up the nation’s women – and set a new record in the process – by giving out 100,000 free compliments over a two-week period. At the half-way point, he has managed to make thousands of women feel good already, taking to the streets and answering every email request sent in.

The great big compliment giveaway came in response to research commissioned by QVC Beauty that reveals 41 per cent of women have not received a single compliment in the past 12 months, with one in four men (25 per cent) admitting they rarely think of dishing them out.

QVC Beauty, the new TV channel entirely dedicated to beauty from retail giant QVC, has appointed Yorkshire comedian and international charmer Bryan Lacey, 31, to the post of The Complimentor to issue random messages of kindness and encourage women to feel good about themselves. 

Bryan Lacey, now known as The Complimentor, comments:
“The world is a very serious place at the moment, but there is always room for a compliment.  They are simple to give and great to receive so I’m hoping that I can spread 100,000 little moments of happiness, which will brighten up the receiver’s day.  To hit the target I have to give away roughly two compliments a minute, but I’m confident I can be chivalrous until the end.”

Now think about it - when was the last time you have received a compliment? But maybe even most importantly, when was the last time you gave one?
It doesn't really require much effort - go on and make someone smile. You will soon find it is contagious.

See The Complimentor in action here.