May 27, 2010

A moment of weakness..

It might have been all this frenzy about the SATC 2 movie and photos of Carrie sporting fabulous vintage outfits everywhere.. or I am probably just having a revival moment.
I gave in. This morning I bought myself a pair of leg warmers. It has been an impulsive purchase, I admit, but they looked so nice and warm. And I couldn't wait, so I put them on straight away.
Layered over my current favourite tights, the Trasparenze Fedora in sangria.

Mmm.. I am definitely having an Eighties moment. And I feel so happy!

SJP sporting a very 80s look in the new SATC 2 movie

Trasparenze Fedora patterned tights

May 24, 2010

We love, love, love to be teased..

I am so excited about the coming Australian Burlesque Festival!
With burlesque performers from all around the world, the event promises to offer a wide range of styles: from circus inspired to old time glamour! 
And it's not all. During the event there will be workshops available to get you started with some seriously seductive burlesque moves!
Ladies, it's time to wear those sexy stockings and get a boost of confidence!
For more details and to book your tickets, check


May 23, 2010

Sporty Chic

Black tights with fluorescent zip detail at the front?? FABULOUS!  
This stylish fashion photographer will soon be heading to NY. No wonder she's all smiles!
Good luck,

Black Stripes

Striped tights are so in at the moment! And I'm not talking Pippi Longstockings type, but stylish, monochromatic, sexy stripes. Like the ones below...oh!so chic.

Pretty Socks

Adding some cute socks to your basic opaques can create a totally unexpected result! Play with colours and prints and layer different textures..
I love the black/yellow combination here!

Polka dot frenzy

We love polka dots!
Wearing polka dot tights is such an easy way to add a girlie touch to your outfit.. If you are looking for a more subtle effect, choose monochromatic options. But if you want to have some fun, add a splash of colour and get snapped!!


Street Style Hosiery

Off I go, with my camera looking for stylish legs in the busy streets of Sydney..

May 19, 2010



Jewels, diamantes, swarovski beads, appliques in every shape and material are the new must haves for 2010.
Your tights become a work of art, your legs reclaiming full attention once again.
Embrace this trend with luxurious lace tights worn with soft sweater dresses and knee-high boots or get your creativity kit out and experiment with some DIY!



Special night?
The secret for looking impeccably elegant is trying to maintain the balance between the dress and accessories, blend in shapes and colours with perfect harmony.
For example, matching a classic element, as it might be a simple black shift, to something more refined, eccentric and with character.
Enhance your black shift with hosiery that has a feminine touch, a bow, a flower, something that will add personality to the rigour of the dress. 


White tights were all the rage on the catwalks and it's no surprise, since they can look truly wonderful in winter and despite common beliefs, they are also quite versatile.
Here's some different looks you can achieve:

Lovely vintage. Opaque white tights will add a Sixties appeal, especially if worn with boots or can complete a romantic    touch if worn with lace and delicate patterns.
Sophisticated and glamorous. Pulling off an 'white-head-to-toe' look is not for everyone, but it is oh!so chic and  screams glamour from every side. If htt is not your cup of tea, opt for natural colours for your dress and shoes and wear with soft white stockings.
Modern. Team white stockings and your favourite LBD and the result will be astonishing. For women who are in control.

Chanel                                        Gucci                                         Willow

Of every colour, size and texture- by now we have all realized this is a trend that cannot be ignored!
Socks can add an edgier touch to every outfit, can be sharp, quirky, romantic or sexy. If you have never worn them before, start with safer options like black and plain textures. You will soon love them and will want to add more to your wardrobe! Match with the colour of your shoes and your pins will look super long!

Dolce & Gabbana                       Christian Dior                             Karen Walker

Marc Jacobs                                 Paul Smith                                  Prada

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Two women in vintage lingerie show you how to wear nylon stockings. Love it!


I just found this quote by Dita Von Teese online -

“I have been obsessed with seamed stockings my whole life, and I would collect vintage ones that were made in the ’40s and ’50s with the authentic styling of the keyhole, the welt, the reinforced toe and heels, French or Cuban heels, and hand-stitched seams. I can’t stand faux-seamed stockings with lycra — you lose the sensual feeling of the fabric”
If you have ever tried pure nylon stockings you know what she is talking about. I love hold ups and stockings with lycra, especially for a day look they're much more practical, but nothing beats the feel of the nylon on the leg, the sheerness, the sensuality of a garter belt.
Ah, Dita, you know it all...

By the way, you can buy her used stockings on her website - very fetish and apparently there is a waiting list for them!

Check for more info and amazing pictures!


Dear stocking lovers,

You'll be thrilled to know that you will soon find the fabulous Leona Edmiston Le Vintage range here at your favourite online boutique!
Most of the Leona Le Pins tights are available at your local department stores - but this vintage inspired range is so beautiful yet hard to find.
I am not a big fan of slimming hosiery - yes, it can be incredibly helpful, but it is generally very ugly and not the kind of thing you would want to show off.
But when I tried on her Hourglass tights, I just fell in love with them. The nylon feels incredibly smooth on the legs and I find the high waste very sexy: with black heel and a simple black bra, I felt very much like a Pin up!

Now, for this reason I have decided to only order this style in Black. I know this is probably against any business principle, but, as you might have noticed, our purpose here is to offer hosiery that looks beautiful, tights and stockings you would not want to hide and - sorry, Leona - but to me slimming pantyhose in Nude looks way too granny.

Still, if any of you out there wishes to prove me wrong, I will happily take back my words...and order the Nude.



I am still so excited about this morning that I want to share my experience with you straight away!

Few weeks ago I signed up to participate to this mass nude installation by world renowed artist Spencer Tunick. I thought it would be fun and a once in a lifetime kind of experience - and I wasn't wrong!
Obviously the thought of undressing in front of 5000 complete strangers was a bit unnerving..but once we were all grouped in the Gardens, the atmosphere and cameradie was amazing and definitely helped release the tension.
By the time the sun was up - nearly 7am - our spirits were so high most of us couldn't wait to strip down!

Spencer was patient and funny. "I want all couples to embrace and kiss, all friends to kiss and all strangers to do whatever they want", he has instructed us at one point.

Standing there completely naked among thousands of people in such a public place, inhibitions were soon forgotten and I found the whole experience very liberating.
It was a bit like being on a stage, saying to the rest of the world, "here, this is who I truly am, you can look at me now as I am not afraid".
And all the bodies together, all the shapes and ages and skin colours and haircuts were all so different yet so harmonious and so beautiful to watch.
Which reminded me that beauty is everywhere, all around us. And with this happy thought in my mind I have started a new day.



The choice of the waspie or suspender belt is essential. Choose a model which fits perfectly and stays on the hips without compressing or twisting, and then your stockings will always be held really tight however you stand.
The strap must be stretch and firm, the clip must be rigid and pinch the welt but not flat it, and the stocking must never
slide from the clip.

• First, put completely your feet and place the seam and toe correctly, then pull up gently the stocking along your leg. Ideally the under-welt should arrive at half-thigh and the welt at the ¾.
Place the front strap on the interne hollow of the thigh and the back strap on the external dimple of the bottom.
To put your stockings more securely do not hesitate to wear special gloves.

• When your stockings are held, hug tightly your ankle with both hands and pull up to the welt : your stockings fit harmoniously.

You are now ready to catch eyes and arouse envy on your trail…


These Trasparenze hold ups are seriously sexy! Perfect for those Christmas parties..

Photographed by Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont, Styling by Emma Bergmeier.


From Christian Dior haute couture runaway show. Get inspired by this dramatic and sensual look with our amazing range of fully fashioned nylon stockings!