January 27, 2012

Feel like a real starlet in this gorgeous robe!

Have you ever wished for glamorous, comfortable and snugly alternatives to sweat pants and hoodies? Beautiful garments you can lounge in around the house, that make you feel a million dollar?
Or maybe you are a burlesque star looking for a true Old Hollywood style dressing gown.

Well, you know we are always on the hunt for new designers and we are thrilled to finally have found one that will make your wishes come true. It is Betty Blue's Loungerie.
Exclusive to Sweet Pins, Betty's aim is to provide gorgeous girlies of all ages and sizes with snugly, and most importantly glamorous, garments to recline and relax in –just as those stars of Hollywood did in the 1930's to 1950's old fashioned films did!

The highlight from Betty's latest collection is the Nell Robe. A stunning full length robe/dressing gown in buttery soft red jersey fabric and beautiful sheer lace panels around the waist. 
Have you ever seen the 1952 film “Don’t bother to knock”? It starred Marilyn Monroe, as Nell, and she was wearing a seductive robe that was the inspiration for this.
The jersey is oh so comfortable whilst the lace shapes your curves to show off your figure to its fullest, in a corset-like effect. 
Slip into this robe for a romantic night in. Wow effect guaranteed.

The Nell Robe is now on sale at Sweet Pins.